Everyday Counts is the motto and the latest mixtape released by the young self-proclaimed rapper IAMDOMINIQUELEE.  Born (Dominique L. Lee, September 28, 1990) as an Identical twin in the West-end neighborhood of Louisville, KY Dominique set out to start the beginning of his rap career at the age of 21. With limited knowledge and resources of the music industry, Dominique educated his self on song writing, producing, licensing and marketing his music. In 2012 he incorporated his name to be IAMDOMINIQUELEE, LLC and created his own label No Sleep Mafia, LLC.⁠⁠

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Deal or No Deal?

Dominique has always valued his independence as a rapper and still does. He founded No Sleep Mafia, LLC in 2013; since then he has been known as an artist under his label. So to answer the question, no deal.


What’s Next?

Dominique hasn’t released a full project since 2014. He plans to release his debut digital album “Everyday Counts #2” June 30th. Pre-orders go on sale April 1st. Pre-order on ITunes or Google Play.

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